Jesus Film Ministry

NitinJesus Film (JF) is the most powerful tool used besides human beings for sharing Christ in the third millennium. Central Maharashtra District has been blessed to have it launched in the District by the JF Harvest Partners ministries for sharing Christ.

Distinction between Campus Crusade for Christ’s work and Nazarene JF work is that of the follow-up. CCC focused on Viewing JF to as many people in as many places possible. Nazarene focuses on realistic number of film showings in a very organized way with lots of emphasis on the follow-up all the way up to organizing a Church.

Presently three teams are successfully ministering on the District.

As the result of this:

The District is tripled in last ten years in all the areas.

Leadership is developed to the different level.

Sense of ownership is developed and sense of self supporting is in a realistic phase.

– Rev. Nitin K. Saraf (District JF Coordinator)