Leadership Development

We believe, any organization not developing new leaders is a dying organization.

Education TeamJesus spent significant amount of his life, developing leaders of future and today’s Christianity around the World is the result of that. Being followers of the same Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Central Maharashtra pays serious attention to developing new leaders:

South Asia Nazarene Bible College (SANBC) is a blessing which provides Theological Training through Extension and we develop our new and lay leaders through it. Right now the District has 100+ students registered with SANBC. Classes are taught regularly at SANBC Education Centers on the District.

South India Biblical Seminary (SIBS) has produced so many Nazarene leaders in South Asia so far and Central Maharashtra Continues to send students at SIBS. Pray for our present students there Mrs. Anagha S. Chetty- M.Div. 2nd Year as well as also kindly pray for several new students lined-up for next year.

Grace Bible College (GBC) Has been faithfully providing excellent men and women trained for God’s ministry for last four years. Please pray for our present students there Mr. Sushil Ravindra Patole – B.Th. Final year.

Mahrashtra Bible Collage (MBC) has been producing Christian ministers for over 100 years now. Many of the MBC Graduates are successfully serving on our districts.

Union Biblical Seminar (UBS) is a great blessing to our District. Three have graduated from UBS Extension last year:

  1. Rev. Mrs. Shradha N. Saraf – M.Div.
  2. Rev. Suraj Dhanvajir – M.Div.
  3. Mrs. Varsha Suhas Rayarum – B.Th.

There will be at least two graduating this year and several other are already pursuing various degrees there.