Social Contribution

Child Development Center Deulgaonraja

Central Maharashtra District believes that the Mission of God is inclusive of a social concern.


Central Maharashtra District is running 2 Child Development Centers (CDC) of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) respectively in Aurangabad and Deulgaonraja.

Almost hundred children come together in their leisure time and trained CDC teachers coach them on their school studies. Social awareness programs are conducted on the topics of HIV AIDS, Social Justice issues, Gender equality, Saving Girl Child, Tobacco, Alcoholism. Instructions are given on personal cleanliness and personal health, conserving natural resources and properly using them.

Regular health checkups are done by a medical practitioners and school supplies, health supplies and nutritional lunches are provided to each child registered with CDC.

DK 1
Mr. Deepak Khandagale
Lamu 1
Mr. Lamuwel Nirmal

Yearly picnics are conducted and each and every child’s birthday is celebrated with other children. National Holidays are celebrated especially the Independence day as well as the Republic day of India.

Our Social Ministers Mr. Lamuwel Nirmal and
Mr. Deepak Khandagale are trained social workers and they have been providing excellent leadership to these CDCs.

Medical Camps

District also conducts free Medical checkup and treatment Camps as well as Free Eye checkup and treatment Camps for financially and medically deprived as and when needed.


In several places NCM Self Help Groups (SHG) have been started with economic development of poverty stricken people. Instructions all the way from collecting information of individuals to distributing micro loans and recollection are provided to groups.